Thursday, October 22, 2015

'Parents go anti-gay ape@!&# over ELECTIVE sex ed class' & other Thur midday news briefs

In today's news briefs, Chris Kluwe sticks up for lgbts.
WATCH: Screaming conservative parents ignite chaos at Omaha meeting on optional sex-ed class - This awful incident in Omaha is for all of you jaded folks who claim that if we ignore religious right groups, figures, and their lies, these things will suddenly go away. Take lgbt students, bad information about Planned Parenthood, an ELECTIVE class about sexual education (which means parents can opt their children out) and some ignorant, highly excitable parents concerned about purity and whether their children will be taught sexual positions and you've got yourself a PUAAARTY!!!!! (and NOT in a good way). 

Everything you need to know about the anti-LGBTQ World Congress of Families (WCF) - I sent this out on its own, but it bears repeating. The anti-gay right has a veritable homophobic "Justice League of America" here. We could have a pro-lgbt  Justice League if we could get along to trust each other. So many lessons from this article . . . 

 Kluwe Rips Texans Owner Bob McNair - THIS is what an lgbt ally looks like and does.

 How Did A Gay, Married Actor End Up In An Anti-Gay TV Show? - The only reason why I am posting something about this is because the situation is complex and it would do our community well to take that into account rather than turn on the cannons . . . YET. 

 Dad Rips Haters Who Called Son 'Faggot' Over His Homemade Kitchen Playset - THIS is called sticking up for your child. There is NOTHING wrong with a little boy wanting to play in a kitchen playset. There IS something wrong with folks who will attack a child.  

Where Are All The Queer Superheroes? - As a fan of superheroes, I ask this question, too. My hero would be a bald androgynous black man in a leather suit (of course with matching boots) whose intellect AND Machiavellian skill of planning, karate, sword and gun play makes him formidable as hell. Of course his name would either be Hades or The Countess.

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Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Re; “How Did A Gay, Married Actor End Up In An Anti-Gay TV Show?”
I canvassed a good portion of that site and if this gay actor is still does not regret having helped them peddle their horse sh**, then we’ve a long way to go in educating the public on all things “ex-gay.”

1) The title is misleading: “Recently Straight.” As any experienced pro-gay activist knows, trying to get an “ex-gay” person to describe where they lie on the gay/bi/straight continuum is worse than pulling teeth.

2) Though the site is not WBC “God Hates Fags” hateful, the author of its contents refer to homosexuality as same-sex attractions eroticized, and attribute them to some sort of “need fulfillment,” and promotes a multitude of other “ex-gay” memes, probably the worst of which is that that gay marriage causes suicide (due to some Netherlands study).

That and their opposition to ENDA being a “religious freedom” (to discriminate) issue.

3) It also pretends that the Bible is against homosexuality, despite the fact that all the gay-bashing verses used against us refer only to men and therefore not to homosexuality itself, except for Romans, where rebellion against God caused all the heterosexuals, including women, in that society to magically turn gay. Following that logic, if rebellion against God (who is love) were the cause of homosexuality, then all sociopaths would be gay and all gay Christians would be straight - so even that one doesn’t apply.

If this actor doesn’t “regret” his role in helping them promote their garbage (-to be polite about it), then he’s an ignoramus. It also shows that we need to get educated on the Bible, because their arguments are just SO easy to shoot down.