Monday, October 12, 2015

'Stories to celebrate National Coming Out Day' & other Mon. midday news briefs

18 Coming Out Success Stories To Celebrate National Coming Out Day - Happy National Coming Out Day! One thing to remember - you don't owe it to anyone other than yourself to come out. Do it at your own pace and your own time. Here are 18 successful stories. 

These Black LGBT People Reveal What Happened When They Came Out - Remember that coming out is also complex. It won't be all roses and music. I was fortunate. It ain't easy coming out as a black lgbt.

 Gender Nonconforming Transgender People Face Greater Discrimination And Health Risks, Study Finds - Important to remember for two reasons - it is an issue which should be taken care of on its own. Also, anti-gay groups and personalities tend to cite studies such as this to claim that lgbts are susceptible to bad health but always omit how homophobia and discrimination play a great part in these health risks.  

Theodore Shoebat: Homosexuality Leads To Cannibalism, Kill Those Who Won’t Submit To Christianity - Lawd, help this crazy child!  

Importance of paid leave for trans patients - An issue which deserves a lot of attention.

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