Friday, October 23, 2015

'Subtle attacks on transgender men, The Legion of Homophobia' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Opponents Of LGBT Protections Are Clueless About Transgender Men - Zack Ford points out that when transgender women are portrayed as "predators," transgender men are generally portrayed as invisible. 

World Congress of Families Culture Warriors Battle Repro, LGBT Rights In Europe With Help From US Friends - More about how a "supergroup" of anti-lgbt organizations are taking the war against women and lgbts overseas. I said the World Congress of Families are like a JLA of homophobia. I take that back. The acronym JLA has the word "justice" in it and there is NOTHING "just" about this vile group. I will now refer to the World Congress of Families as "The Legion of Homophobia."  

Muslim caller to radio show host: Gay people should all die - This fool DOES NOT represent all Muslims. Remember that.  

Florida Lawmaker Proposes Expansive Bill To Allow Discrimination Against LGBT People - Can you say overreach? They just don't learn.

 New York Governor Plans To Ban Transgender Discrimination - Wonderful! Do it!

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