Wednesday, October 28, 2015

World Congress of Families conference participant - It's okay to insult and degrade the gay community

The World Congress of Families, a "supergroup" of anti-gay organizations who are attempting to globalize homophobia (which is why I call them the "Legion of Homophobia") is having their ninth conference in Utah even as I write this.

Thank goodness I don't have to cover it. I'm very thankful for sites like Right Wing Watch for having the stamina to deal with these idiots.

Thus far the conference is sparsely attended by the same anti-gay participants collecting the same big paychecks by repeating the same junk they have repeated for pver the past decade. I especially despise the "love the sinner, but hate the sin"  self-righteousness they attempt to push

But through every veil of nonsense always comes a degree of truth in terms of how these folks feel about us. In this case, we should point to Brian Camenker of the anti-gay hate group Mass Resistance for providing it when he says it is okay to be insulting and degrading to lgbts.

I had the "luck" of meeting Camenker publicly once and just so you know, he is more weaselly looking and acting in person.

To paraphrase "Star Wars," we will be observing his homophobia this week with much interest.

For more about the WCF conference, see Right Wing Watch.

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