Tuesday, November 03, 2015

'Homophobia causing youth to turn away from religion?' & other Tue midday news briefs

Young Americans are becoming less religious — and anti-science, anti-gay rhetoric may be a factor: Pew - It appears that homophobia is causing the next generation to become less religious. 

Why Is The LGBT Movement Struggling To Uphold A Simple Law In Houston? - Homophobia such as this. Should Prop 1 (HERO) lose today, Dominic Holden has already written a definitive article as to why. It's not because people haven't worked tooth and nail to keep the ordinance. Many have and they should be commended for it regardless of what happens. Holden's article is involves an old tactic by the anti-lgbt industry - sidestepping the real argument and endlessly repeating a mantra about how lgbt equality will harm children. Holden demonstrates how this mantra can take root and grow like a weed. 

 Religious Right Activist At World Congress Of Families: Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Africans Will 'Save the World' - Just disgusting.

  Ohio Gets Huge Bill For Battling Same-Sex Marriage All The Way To The Supreme Court - Yes sir, gotta pay that money!  

A gay dad sounds off on the “purity” parents who want to keep LGBT info out of sex ed - THANK YOU! When things like this happen, people always quick to forget that lgbts are parents, too. 

 Federal Authorities Find Chicago School District Violated Transgender Student’s Rights - Wonderful!

Photo courtesy of HRC.

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