Friday, November 13, 2015

UPDATED - 'Judge facing firestorm of criticism for removing infant from home of lesbian couple' & other Fri midday news briefs

Regarding the case in Utah of the judge removing an infant from the care of foster parents simply because the couple is gay, it would seem that the community, including Utah's governor, is rallying on behalf of the couple. This is a wonderful thing which demonstrates how people aren't as easily fooled by anti-gay propaganda when it comes to the ability of lgbt couples to raise children:

Utah challenging judge's order to remove baby from lesbian foster parents

UPDATE: Utah Governor 'Puzzled' by Judge Who Ordered Baby from Lesbians

Utah Judge May Have Violated Ethics Code in Blocking Same-Sex Adoption

 UPDATE - The judge has reversed his order because of the massive negative outcry.  Score a HUGE victory for the good guys!!

In other news:

Protesters Confront Caitlyn Jenner: 'You're An Insult To Trans People'- I don't believe that one person should be "chosen" as a representative of all people in one group and I don't believe that it's anyone else's right to anoint themselves as the guardian of how anyone in any group should act. I said this from personal experience because I've been verbally attacked by heterosexual African-Americans for my sexual orientation. That being said, the protesters did make excellent points and it was to Jenner's credit that she listened and talked with them. Life is a learning experience and no one is perfect in their beliefs.

 Christian UN staff in Kenya refuse aid to gay men fleeing persecution - THIS SITUATION RIGHT HERE is an insult to the body of Christ. 

Christians Are Leaving Homophobia Behind - Will Journalists Keep Up? - But not all Christians are like those above and journalists should explore the diversity instead of falling for the gay vs. Christian narrative. 

 What Reporters Should Know About Dallas' Updated LGBT Ordinance - Because you just KNOW that lie about "men in women's restrooms" will be pushed in Dallas.

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Scott Rose said...

As reprehensible as Regnerus and his backers are, the real culprits now are Regnerus's publisher Elsevier and Regnerus's professional association the American Sociological Society. Both of these organizations have seen irrefutable documentation leaving no doubt that Regnerus and his anti-gay backers deliberated contrived a hoax study in hopes of court results such as this one in Utah ordering a foster child removed from its lesbian would-be adoptive mothers' home only because they are lesbian.

Regnerus and one of his anti-gay funding agency representatives met with an anti-gay-rights group leader (Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family) to discuss promoting the "study" in anti-gay-rights political contexts BEFORE the data collection for the "study" occurred.

To clarify; before the "study" data was collected, Regnerus and W. Bradford Wilcox met with Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family to discuss promoting the "study."

That is a violation of every known academic ethic.

Yet, the academic establishment has not done one thing to punish Regnerus and his enablers.

Retracting the paper would be a good start, but don't hold your breath.