Wednesday, November 04, 2015

'Overcoming evil & mistakes in Houston' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Houston mayor Annise Parker speaks about defeat of HERO

Houston Voters Reject LGBT Anti-Discrimination Rule After Heated Battle - GREAT article. We may have lost this battle but we WILL win this war.

How Transphobia Killed Houston’s Shot At LGBT Protections - Details you may cringe about reading but need to know.

 How Houston Was Lost: Prop 8 Redux as LGBT Rights Are Put on the Ballot - And the warning. Heed it . . .

California Civil Rights Coalition ready to fight following Houston LGBT vote - Because the same "no men in women's bathrooms" #@!# they pulled in Houston is coming to California. What are you prepared to do before it hits YOUR town?

Salt Lake City Elects Utah’s First Openly Gay Mayor, Jackie Biskupski - Don't make the mistake of thinking last night was all bad for the lgbt community. A first in Utah.

 Runyan out, according to preliminary projection; Duvall, Smith in runoff - And, you probably won't hear about this anywhere else, THIS is how Columbia's lgbt community helped dismiss a councilman who betrayed us. 

VIRGINA: Long-Haired Homosexual Men In Warehouses Defeat Anti-Gay Crackpot Eugene Delgaudio - And an EXTREME anti-gay crackpot lost his long-held seat in Virginia.

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