Thursday, November 12, 2015

'Right Wing Watch censored for focusing attention on GOP & 'death penalty for gays' pastor' & other Thur midday news briefs

Right Wing Watch got censored for focusing on GOP candidates (such as Ted Cruz) and Pastor Kevin Swanson (right)

Programming Note: We've Been Suspended on YouTube (For Now) - So someone in the religious right is trying to censor Right Wing Watch by filing a "copyright claim". Why? Because of the following situation:

 Religious Right Pundit: How Were We To Know Kevin Swanson Wanted To Kill Gays! - The fact that Right Wing Watch has been putting attention on the fact that presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee kissed up to a pastor who supports the death penalty for gays has gotten some folks angry.  

Anti-LGBT Houston Groups Face Higher Bar To Repeal Dallas Nondiscrimination Ordinance - So the same group who pulled the campaign of lies in Houston hopes to do the same in Dallas even AFTER the folks there voted for the nondiscrimination ordinance. The nerve! 

New business group will promote Indiana LGBT protections - Meanwhile the fight for lgbt equality in Indiana is going to heat up!

 Utah judge removes lesbian couple’s foster child, says she’ll be better off with heterosexuals - NASTY on so many levels. 1. The couple had the child since August and everyone, including the birth mother, approves of the adoption. Except for, that is, the judge. 2. The judge claimed that numerous studies backs up his decision but he has yet to name one. I bet a steak dinner he will pull out the discredited Regnerus study. 3. An awful precedent BECAUSE the judge made a personal choice to pull a child out of a home it was already in because of the sexual orientation of the foster parents. We can only hope this doesn't repeat itself. I have been watching in particular what anti-gay groups have had to say about this. As far as I see, nothing yet. But I double dare them to say any words of support for the judge so I can put it on blast.  

First VA transgender clinic opens in Cleveland - THIS is needed.

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BrianS said...

I think this has happened to RWW before, with successful appeals and restoration. Perhaps the Pastor Swanson has regrets about declaring that he would willingly sit covered in cow manure in front of his church.