Monday, December 21, 2015

Extreme anti-gay activist running for Ohio state legislature

The lgbt community and all sensible people in general may have a new headache stomach ache in the Ohio legislature:

The president of a Christian activist organization will challenge incumbent state Sen. Larry Obhof of Montville Township for the 22nd district in the March Republican primary. . . .Porter is president and founder of Faith 2 Action, a Christian organization that says it opposes same-sex marriage. Before starting the organization in 2003, she was the national director for the Center for Reclaiming America for five years and a legislative director at Ohio Right to Life for nine years.

According to Right Wing Watch:

Porter has also long warned that increasing acceptance of gay rights will turn Christians into criminals who will eventually be rounded up and tossed in jail, going so far as to try and prevent the Supreme Court from ruling on the issue of gay marriage. Recently she produced an anti-gay documentary called "Light Wins" that featured a variety of Republican members of Congress, GOP presidential hopefuls and anti-gay activists warning that gay activists are "grooming" and endangering children, for which they should be held criminally liable.
But for my money, the following video, in which Folger demands that God give people like her control of the media:

Now for those of you who are laughingly proclaiming that Folger would never win a seat in the Ohio legislature, I remind you that stranger things have happened. For example, THIS GUY below is now a member of the Colorado legislature:


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Now here we have a person praying, almost instructing, to God on how to ¨influence¨ for the Kingdom of God (which she has clear/private access to)...disgusting, humiliating and degredating to any reason Christian who believes in loving thy neighbor (immediately after Loving God)...another dangerous fool on the run!

Rhonda Frazier said...

Who is Folger?

Keir said...

Folger is Janet Porter's maiden name.