Saturday, February 28, 2015

SC marriage equality opponents rally in poorly attended 'Pickett's Charge'

The issue of marriage equality in South Carolina has been settled at least for now. Barring a different decision from the Supreme Court later this year, gay and lesbian South Carolinians fairly won the right to marry. And that should be the end of that.

However, don't break the news to the sparse group of folks who assembled earlier today at the State House. They assembled in support of a bill which they hope would stop marriage equality, no matter what the courts say. The bill, proposed by SC State Rep. Bill Chumley,  would defund gay marriage in the state and punish state employees who issue or recognize same-sex marriage licenses

Their argument, which was repeated continuously by various speakers from the stage, including Chumley and State Sen. Lee Bright, was that the federal government was overstepping its bounds and interfering with the sovereignty of South Carolinians who voted overwhelmingly to ban marriage equality in 2006.

What the crowd, made mostly of elderly South Carolinians, lacked in numbers, they made up for greatly in enthusiasm, particularly when speakers talked about an "over-reaching" federal government.