Friday, October 23, 2015

Anti-gay hate group leader tweets to remind me how much he despises me

Austin Ruse
Austin Ruse is the president of Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-Fam), a religious group which purports "to defend life and family at international institutions and to publicize the debate."

That's a fancy way of saying that C-Fam is an anti-gay group working to push homophobia on a worldwide scale. It is considered to be an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Ruse has a very public role with C-Fam:

 Ruse -- C-Fam’s most visible spokesman -- has made many inflammatory statements over the years, including a claim that a priest from the Holy See delegation at the UN guaranteed him absolution if he “took [Hilary Clinton] out -- and not on a date.” . . . He has also publicly voiced support for Russia’s draconian anti-LGBT laws and called “‘the homosexual lifestyle’ harmful to public health and morals.”

 According to Right-Wing Watch, the organization had a HUGE role in endangering the rights and lives of lgbts in Africa and Russia with its rhetoric and approval of lgbt persecution in those areas.

C-Fam is also a part of The World Congress of Families, a "supergroup" of various American anti-gay organizations. It's a group which I today dubbed the "Legion of Homophobia."

As you can see above, Ruse isn't exactly a good friend of mine. He blocked me after an incident last year in which I helped certain comments of his to go viral, thereby causing him much humiliation and scorn.

Hey, it's not my fault. It's not like I used powers of mind control to make Ruse say that “the hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities” should “all be taken out and shot.”

But, since he made the comment, I felt it was my job to put him on blast. After which, he canceled his twitter account.  Naturally when he came back, I was on the top of his hate list.

For some reason tonight, though, Ruse took it upon himself to remind me that he still bears his grudge. Maybe that "Legion of Homophobia" comment caught his ear and his goat.

Whatever the case, I'm so touched that Ruse has been thinking about me.

 It make my heart swell to know that common people still care.

UPDATE: Apparently Ruse has been sending other unsolicited tweets to other lgbt activists via twitter. That bitch! I thought I was special. Ain't that JUST like a man!! LOL

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