Wednesday, January 27, 2016

'Oklahoma files a record 26 anti-gay bills' & other Wed midday news briefs

Oklahoma introduces record 26 anti-gay bills - There is a record 26 anti-gay bills filed in Oklahoma. 26?! What the hell do they think we are doing so ugly that they have to file 26 bills against us? I'm beginning to think that it's not homophobia. It's jealousy. 

UPDATE – BREAKING: Indiana Senate Committee Kills Anti-Gay 'RFRA On Steroids' Bill - Perhaps Indiana doesn't need to be spanked again.  

GLAAD announces Media Awards nominees - Nominations for the 27th annual GLAAD Media Awards are announced. But keep your eyes open for a brewing controversy. GLAAD eliminated the 'Outstanding Blog' category, thereby leaving some of us less famous, more grassroots oriented folks out in the cold (and also keeping yours truly from getting a third consecutive nomination). Some folks are not happy with this shift. Will something come of it? Keep your eyes peeled. We will see. 

 Here's A Prom Night Game-Changer For Queer Teens Everywhere - Wonderful article!

 Trump Embraces Radical Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay Pastor - Because apparently EVERY GOP candidate has to have at least one anti-gay radical supporting them.


Anonymous said...

As we know these anti-gay laws don't hold water but still has to be argued and fought. Perhapsa better way to make our case is to also emphasize the cost in dollars and time being wasted. Most governments also have more pressing economic problems.

Anonymous said...

Question. In Canada charitable contributions are tax deductable as well as the organisations are tax exempt. The same system exists in the U.S.. However charities in Canada have a limit of 10% for political activism, meaning they can advocate for their cause but it can't be partisan. People can alert our tax department if they feel a charity is violating these rules to possible elimination of tax free status or charitable donation.

So my question is whether something similar exists in the U.S. where these very partisan religious and charitable groups could have audits triggered?