Saturday, January 30, 2016

What the lgbt community can expect from a Ted Cruz presidential administration . . .

I've said this repeatedly and I am going to keep on saying it until it is drummed into collective psyche of lgbt community.

Donald Trump may be getting all of the attention, but Ted Cruz has been getting much of the religious right support. Either way, the lgbt community would be highly ignorant to either sit the 2016 election out or get distracted by tangents of Hillary vs. Bernie or some side argument of "snowflakes" and the "academic lingo" which serves to DO NOTHING but strangle and divide us.

I like to be simple and direct, so let me put it this way. If there ever is a Ted Cruz Administration, the following inferences by the picture below is what the lgbt community can expect. And even if we see ourselves as winning regardless, we need to ask ourselves do we even want to begin this battle:

Editor's note - to answer your question, that link in this tweet is to my booklet on anti-gay propaganda. Perhaps if our community focused attention on that issue for a change, we could rip away the stranglehold perception that the anti-gay evangelical right represents all Christians.


BJohnM said...

It's gonna be way worse that than, and it can be summed up with two words...SCOTUS Appointments.

Erica Cook said...

I get your point. Even if we win it will be a fight to stand still, when we have real issues that need to be addressed, like protection for transgender children. Legislation that will hold people accountable for driving LGBT youth to suicide. There are fights we can't afford to set aside any longer, and if we have to fight for the right to simply be able to buy groceries, then more lives will be lost from hate crimes that aren't recognized as such.