Thursday, February 11, 2016

'IN Gov. Mike Pence can't answer simple question on lgbt equality' & other Thur. afternoon news briefs

Oh good grief, Gov. Mike Pence. How difficult is it to say either yes or no. It's one of those questions. 

In other news:

 Transphobic Bathroom Bill Dies in Washington State - Nice to see common sense prevailing. Unfortunately, you just know it's not over yet.  

West Virginia Lawmakers Pass Problematic ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill 72-26 - However, sanity didn't prevail everywhere.

 Georgia House passes ‘Pastor Protection Act - And it totally skipped Georgia. This is a needless bill. No pastor can ever be forced to perform a same-sex wedding.  

Gay teacher’s sex video stolen, posted to school site - And what happened to this teacher was wrong on all accounts.

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Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Oh, he answered it...

Town Hall Questioner: “A simple yes or no answer. Do you believe that gay and transgendered people should be able to be fired from their jobs just for that reason?”

Indiana Governor Mike Pence: “I will not support legislation that diminishes religious freedom.”

Translation: Yes.