Wednesday, February 17, 2016

'Reports - Nike will dump homophobic boxer Manny Pacquiao' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Nike to Manny Pacquiao - "You gotta go! Just do it1"

 UPDATE :Nike drops Manny Pacquiao after boxer's anti-gay comments - AND he is outta here. Although some folks have lost their damn minds on twitter in their attempts to make him seem like a victim.

Breaking: Nike 'Preparing' To Dump Manny Pacquiao After Anti-Gay Comments, Says TMZ - Bear in mind that this world famous boxer, who is running for public office in the Philippines, is infamous for his attacks on the lgbt community. In this particular case, he called us "worse than animals." Something to remember if and when the "gays are trying to silence people" crowd come along. Like Michelle Malkin (America's version of Jenny Greenteeth) did in 2012 when he attacked us then. 

How The ‘Religious Liberty’ Veneer On Anti-LGBT Bills Is Fading - We all know that the "religious liberty" argument is nonsense. Zack Ford of Think Progress points it out.

 Some of the Catholic faith are disguising homophobia through fraudulent science - Reiterating a post from last night - here is another way a religious body is codifying homophobia, this time via fraudulent science. 

 West Virginia Businesses Fight Back Against Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ BillVIDEO - And not everyone is agreeable to the "religious liberty" nonsense. Good.

 'Lgbts want to harm children' - the lie the community won't kill - Repeating my post from this morning (sue me already. I was on fire for the past two days) talking about how our community continues be defeated by a lie we should have tackled a long time ago.

  James Dobson: Only Ted Cruz Can Overturn Gay Marriage - Dear James, even if Cruz becomes president (God help us) he will NOT overturn marriage equality. You really don't think the lgbt community is going to give up something we worked hard for and earned, do you?

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Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Re: 'Religious freedom' laws:

Anti-LGBT business owners and child placement agencies aren’t just bigots, they’re thieves as well, especially if they are tax funded or tax free.

There are millions of LGBT Americans who pay the taxes that help pave for roads and sidewalks, public transportation, police and fire protection and other emergency and municipal services -- all things that allow them to be in business/operation in the first place!

‘Though shalt not steal’ and Jesus’ command of the Golden Rule clearly mean nothing to them, thus proving that this isn’t about religion at all, but mean spiritedness. And those are just two examples, many of these self-righteous anti-LGBTs are unrepentant adulterers themselves (Matthew 10:11-12) - at least according to Jesus.

There’s nothing “moral” about human sexuality. Unless you’re asexual, it’s a fact of life for everyone.