Monday, March 14, 2016

'Anti-gay hate groups unite against Tenn. GSA' & other Mon. midday news briefs

National Anti-LGBT Hate Groups Join Fight Against Tennessee High Schoolers' Gay-Straight Alliance - Our usual character. However, they have already been caught lying and may face some resistance. 

Colorado fight to end ‘gay conversion therapy’ could carry national weight - The slow but steady eradication of the fraudulent "ex-gay" therapy would be wonderful.

  Even by Christopher Doyle standards this is spectacularly stupid - Meanwhile, possibly the last resistance against this welcomed development (the end of "ex-gay" therapy) makes an absolutely ridiculous move in filing a complaint with the FTC against the Human Rights Campaign? What's the charge? Put down anything you are drinking before reading this link.  

How Nancy Reagan Finally Started a Conversation About AIDS -- 35 Years Later - WITHOUT comment.  

Judge denies request to reconsider jail sentence for Kathryn Knott in assault conviction - So sorry honey. Go directly to jail.

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