Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Anti-gay right celebrating passage of useless Florida law

Florida Gov Rick Scott

The following takes the proverbial cake from the American Family Association's fake new site, One News Now:

Florida legislators passed a law protecting the rights of people of faith who won't violate their religious beliefs in order to accommodate homosexuals wanting to marry.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed the "Pastor Protection Act" into law, CBN News reported this week. 

Pastor Eddie DelValle of With Love Ministries says the movement in part relates to Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who was ordered to jail for refusing to issue same-gender marriage licenses.

"I think the agenda of the LGBT movement was to silence the church, silence Christians and make us powerless in the culture and society," he says. "But instead the states now have given us full protection where we cannot be taken to court or civilly sued if our conscience is violated religiously."

The law "protects" pastors from being forced to marry gay couples. But the law is useless and passing it was a waste of time. There are no laws, ordinances, provisos, etc which demand that pastors have to marry all couples who come before them. That sort of thing  would be illegal due to the First Amendment of the Constitution. 

Also, I find it ridiculous that DelValle and One News Now attempts to make the connection to Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. She is an elected official and not a pastor, therefore it was her job to provide marriage licenses to all couples whether they be gay or heterosexual.

Or, as FL State Rep Kevin Rader remarked recently to the Palm Beach Post:

“This is just unneeded regulation. It is just a crazy thing.”

He also compared the law to passing a bill against aliens from outer space landing in Florida.

It just goes to show how people can be manipulated by fear. Lgbts do not want to silence Christians. In fact, some of us ARE Christian. We just want our right to marry, just like everyone else. And now that we have won that right, we are going take full advantage of it.

We could care less which pastors don't want to marry us. We are too busy having weddings with the ones who do.

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