Wednesday, March 09, 2016

'Ted Cruz creates a 'Council of Homophobia'' other Wed. midday news briefs

Ryan Anderson, a member of Cruz's 'Council of Homophobia'

Presidential Candidates Cruz and Rubio Continue to Court Anti-LGBT Groups - Rubio is as good as dust right now, but with Trump scaring so many Republicans, a lot of them are "settling" for Cruz. And IF that happens, Cruz has definite plans to create a "religious liberty advisory council" or as I call it, a "council of homophobia" featuring some of the worst of the worst amongst anti-lgbt activists. It's something we shouldn't take lightly. 

Missouri Republicans Break Democrats’ 39-Hour Filibuster, Advancing Anti-Gay Bill - The filibuster is over, but NOT the battle.  

Federal Judge: No Marriage Equality In Puerto Rico - Well that sucks in a MAJOR way. 

 Texas Rep Still Thinks Gays Will Die Out If Put On A Desert Island - Louie Gohmert is a super moron.  

Rafael Cruz: Gay Marriage Will Destroy Society - Folks, if the thought of Ted Cruz as president doesn't scare you enough, imagine his father there also because you just KNOW he will take advantage . . .

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