Monday, April 04, 2016

'CNN's Chris Cuomo refutes 'bathroom predator' lie behind anti-lgbt laws' & other Mon. midday news briefs

CNN's Chris Cuomo

Hate Group Says NC Anti-LGBT Law Not Unconstitutional Because Gender Identity Not in Constitution - Good news - Cuomo refutes the lies from the Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg.  Bad news - there was no lgbt representation who really should have been the one to debate Sprigg. REALLY BAD NEWS - My brothers and sisters angry that CNN gave Sprigg a platform to spout lies. I disagree with this point of view and it reveals a level of sad ignorance in our community. WE KNOW that Sprigg and company are liars. But how many folks outside our circle don't? And we come implying that there should be no debate. It's the equivalent of expecting crops to grow without planting the seeds and cultivating them. The only way we are going to get folks to see what we see, to know what we know about religious right spokespeople like Sprigg and their noxious groups is to demand open and free debate. Don't demand that networks shut them out. Demand that our people get in the debate. You cannot convince people who are the liars if you don't want to create the platform to expose and rhetorically wreck them.  

Chris Cuomo Debunks The 'Bathroom Predator' Myth Behind Anti-LGBT Laws - BUT let's not be unfair. Give Cuomo his props . . . with the proviso of the comments from above. 

A New Day Dawns - America’s First National Trans Political Advocacy Group Lifts Off - WONDERFUL! This group is very needed.  

Christian group threatens to sue Pascack Valley over transgender plan - The Liberty Counsel is NOT a Christian group and this attempt to harm transgender children more than proves that point.  

Texas Lawmaker Working to Write Anti-LGBT Discrimination Into State Constitution - See the foul story behind this one. It's not just that this awful lawmaker wants do this abominable act. It's also that he is a former employee of the Liberty Counsel. So now anti-hate groups not only have state legislators in their hip pockets. Their spokespeople and employees are BECOMING state legislators. This can only be stopped by attacking the root, i.e. exposing anti-gay groups instead of demanding that the news media shut down their ability to have a platform.

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