Tuesday, May 03, 2016

'US Attorney General says transgender rights is about fairness' & other Tue. midday news briefs

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch
Mississippi’s Gay Adoption Ban Dead After State Fails To Appeal Ruling - Wonderful. Now if we could kill that awful anti-lgbt "religious liberty" law . . . 

The New York Times’ Bizarre Attempt to Portray Donald Trump as ‘More Accepting on Gay Issues’- Ugh. Just UGH!  

US Attorney General: Transgender rights are about fundamental fairness - Damn right!  

From classrooms to bathrooms - How anti-lgbt groups pivoted transphobic propaganda - This morning's post on how anti-lgbt groups pivoted from a failed anti-transgender talking point about "transgender and drag queen school teachers" to the semi-successful one about "bathroom predators."  

Ted Cruz Hopes To Save Presidential Campaign With Attacks On LGBT People - It's not like it hasn't been tried before. And successfully. 

 This Texas Town Just Defeated a Proposed Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill' Because Nearly No One Wanted It - Sweeet!

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