Tuesday, June 07, 2016

'Congressman tried to bring bathroom discrimination to Congressional restrooms' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Rep. Steve King
Congressman Tries To Bring Bathroom Discrimination To Congress’ Own Restrooms - Granted this is the same guy, Steve King, who once said that if gays were more quiet, we wouldn't have to worry about getting fired. 

NOM's Brian Brown: Obama Pushing 'Insane' Policies Because He Thinks He's A God - That's insane and WINNING policies, my friend.  

This Queer Fairytale Is Helping Kids Understand The True Meaning Of Love - After reading about Rapunzel getting pregnant, Red Riding Hood being eaten by a wolf, and Snow White living in a forest with seven guys she just met, I fail to see the problem with this.  

Ministers latest to challenge Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ law - Yet again MORE PROOF (and I've pointed out so much of it) that the media is allowing folks like Franklin Graham and groups like the Family Research Council to bogart discussions of religion and the lgbt orientation.  

Nigeria’s Anti-LGBT Law Could Be Revisited, Says The Former President Who Signed It - How about being eliminated rather than simply being revisited.

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