Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Video by anti-gay hate group tries to demonize lgbt children, fails miserably

The group Mass Resistance is a vile anti-gay group of the lowest order. Led by Brian Camenker, a man so creepy you would feel as if you need a  bath after merely shaking his hand (I should know because I once met him), the group seeks to demonize the lgbt community via lurid stories of "child recruitment," nasty attacks on the transgender community, and the pièce de résistance - videotaping public gay functions.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists Mass Resistance as an anti-gay hate group:

In 2006-2007, Mass-Resistance pushed for an amendment of the 1996 statute that would have required that parents be notified of any discussion of gay or lesbian issues in the schools. The group proposed language that lumped sexual orientation (which includes heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality) in with criminal behaviors like bestiality and polygamy. During legislative testimony supporting the amendment, Camenker falsely claimed that no homosexuals died in the Holocaust and that the pink triangle the Nazis forced imprisoned gays to wear actually signified Catholic priests. The amendment did not pass.

Camenker, who has long focused on the purported “homosexual agenda” in the schools and frequently claimed gays are dangerous to kids, has repeatedly cited discredited claims from organizations like the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality that link homosexuality and pedophilia.

If we are to believe Mass Resistance, the following demonstrates the supposed shocking and evil things which goes on during a gay/straight alliance public event.

Is that it? "Shit, I could have had a V8."

Seriously though, it's how tragic Mass Resistance takes the innocent realities of our lgbt children and attempts to turn them into something ugly. It's even more tragic to think of the silly folks ready to believe what Mass Resistance puts out.


Frank said...

Thank god for Massachusetts.

John Hilgeman said...

Comments disabled on YouTube.. Of course. Hate groups brook no opposition. I love to see young LGBTQ people in pride parades. I am so happy they can feel free to come out in public. That is something I could not do when I was young.

Patrick Fitzgerald said...

“Every year kids participate in ‘Youth Pride,’ an event funded with taxpayer money”

Good thing “Donations to MassResistance are not tax deductible”
“Love in every color” said one tee shirt, yes, oh me oh my, horror of horrors.

Renata Sdao said...

Where's the scary stuff?

Erica Cook said...

comments for the video are blocked. Cowards.

Daniel Moreau said...

well that was lovely...I would suggest a change in the background music...I dunno, maybe some Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift?