Friday, July 08, 2016

'Anti-lgbt industry pushing 'new' & phony study on same-sex parenting ' & other Fri. midday news briefs

In the midst of chaos and madness, the necessity of good and accurate information becomes even more vital.

Another Regnerus-Like “Research” Paper On Gay Parents Making the Rounds - At this stage of the game, those in the lgbt community who refute such things need not approach every anti-lgbt study as a new thing. It's always the old lies and distortions presented in deceptively new ways. In this case, thank you Jim Burroway from the GLAAD Media Award-nominated blog Box Turtle Bulletin for taking this down. 

 Same-Sex Parents Win Key Court Victory - Wonderful but also sad when one sees what happens when a same-sex couple breaks up. We need not exploit the policies of those who want to keep us underfoot. 

 Fighting The LGBT Community’s Invisibility - This combats the most common but not generally thought about invisibility when it comes to our community. I'm all for it. 

 Mississippi Governor To Appeal Order Halting Anti-LGBT Law - Unfortunate and surprising no one.

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