Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A homophobic white guy says Clinton won't get that many minority voters.

For the definition of scraping the bottom of the barrel to launch a silly attack on Hillary Clinton, I give you religious right spokesperson, the first president of the anti-lgbt hate group the Family Research Council, and the man who helped undermine efforts to combat the AIDS crisis in the 80, Gary Bauer.

The American Family Association's fake new source, One News Now cited Bauer as an authority on the idea that Clinton would not get that many minority voters in the upcoming election.:

A veteran conservative activist doubts that Hillary Clinton will benefit from similar voter turnout among minorities that Barack Obama enjoyed. 

Some observers consider if very unlikely, says Gary Bauer, that a "70-year-old white person with ethics problems" will inspire minority turnout like Obama did.

"So on that basis," he concludes, "the turnout on election day in November is likely to include fewer Democrats."

And (surprise, surprise), One News Now conveniently didn't include a picture of Bauer. But I will:

Gary Bauer thinks he knows minority voters
Don't he look like a "down brotha?"  Of course Bauer didn't cite any statistics because polls say that Clinton has maintained a strong lead amongst minority voters. And of course Bauer didn't talk about Trumps's association with the racist alt-right and white supremacists such as David Duke, or his really embarrassing effort to reach black voters.

I guess Bauer's ability to predict the minds of minority voters is just  as good as as his Christian integrity.

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