Monday, September 12, 2016

'Hate group hoping Trump will roll back lgbt & reproductive rights' & other Mon. midday news briefs

The Family Research has a 'wish list' for Trump if he wins.

FRC's Agenda For President Trump's First 100 Days: Roll Back LGBT & Reproductive Rights - If you don't think this election is a big deal for the lgbt community, think again. Unfortunately almost every election is a big deal for us. Either deal with it or go home and hide under the covers.

New lawsuit demonizes transgender girl for acting like a girl - This is repulsive. The way the anti-lgbt is specifically targeting transgender kids is unlike anything I have seen. And I have seen a LOT.  

My Search For A Lesbian Donald Trump Supporter - Finding an lgbt Donald Trump supporter in general has to be . . . interesting.  

NC Gov. McCrory: Business Lobby Group Helped Shape LGBT Law - McCrory still in the pit of mud over HB2. 

RuPaul Wins His First Emmy! - Batten down the hatches. RuPaul has an Emmy.

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