Monday, October 10, 2016

SBC official - Trump has 'snuffed out' the religious right

I'm sure Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, won't win any applause from folks like Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, or James Dobson with a recent piece he wrote in The Washington Post.

But he makes a good point in his claim that Donald Trump has wrecked the religious right. Part of it is as follows:

Some of the very people who warned us about moral relativism and situational ethics now ask us to become moral relativists for the sake of an election. And when some dissent, they are labeled as liberals or accused of moral preening or sitting comfortably on the sidelines. The cynicism and nihilism is horrifying to behold. It is not new, but it is clearer to see than ever.
There is good news, though, behind all of this, regardless of how this election turns out. The old-school political Religious Right establishment wonders why the evangelical next generation rejects their way. The past year is illustration enough. The evangelical movement is filled with younger, multiethnic, gospel-centered Christians. They are defined by a clear theology and a clear mission — not by the doctrinally vacuous resentment over a lost regime of nominal, cultural “Christian America.”

The people who have used the gospel to sell us politically cynical voting guides have done damage. But they are not replicating themselves in the next generation.

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Scott Fetterman said...

Donald Trump did no such thing. The religious right destroyed themselves, Donald just rose from the ashes.