Tuesday, November 01, 2016

'Token' civil rights leader attacks Obama's racial heritage for supporting lgbt community

The anti-gay industry (or you can call them the religious right) not only create their own "facts" about the lgbt community. They also create their own African-American civil rights leader whose first item seems to always be attacking the lgbt community.

With that in mind, I give you William Owens of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, a group bought and paid for by the National Organization for Marriage. Owens is known for being the paid black face of right-wing organizations when they need a token. Also, to make matters complete, while he has claimed to be a civil rights activist, no one involved with the actual Civil Rights Movement can remember his presence.

It's just as well. Last weekend at the anti-gay industry event, the Stand 4 Truth conference, he performed the dance which he was getting paid for - castigating President Obama over his support of the lgbt community:

From Right Wing Watch

 Owens declared, in remarks broadcast by conference organizers through a Facebook Live stream, that “nobody but a black president could have gotten away with” his LGBT rights agenda, claiming that Obama was able to advance LGBT equality because white people “were afraid to be called racist, so you gave him a pass.” In his support for marriage equality, Owens said, Obama “sold out” and “spit on the graves of all those people who died for civil rights.” Discussing LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination policies, Owens warned that children will soon be “brainwashed from birth,” something that he blamed on “our white brothers who will allow men to go in the restroom with your wife and your children.” “I don’t care about President Obama being black,” Owens continued, “he’s half-black. As far as I’m concerned, he’s not black because he doesn’t understand the black experience.” “So they’re going to brainwash our children from pre-school, telling them it’s alright to feel a certain way. That is terrible. Do you know what that’s doing to a tender mind, to a tender child?” he asked.

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