Monday, December 12, 2016

'Anti-lgbt activists, Congressional leaders planning mischief nationally & internationally' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Sen. Cruz is planning to push an national anti-lgbt 'religious liberty' bill next year.

Republicans Will Re-File Religious Freedom Bill Protecting Anti-Gay Beliefs - And the gauntlet slowly comes off with regards to a post I talked about before. The usual cast of Congressional anti-lgbt leaders are here - Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. While the idea is vile, we can use this to our advantage by asking several crucial questions (such as how far should such a noxious bill go) and spotlighting the folks and families its passage will hurt. But the important thing to remember we win when we put up an intelligent, relentless, and vigorous opposition to this mess. 

Brian Brown Launches New Global Anti-LGBT Group & Manifesto - Meanwhile, Brian Brown of NOM is pushing a new international lgbt group. DO NOT take this lightly for any reason. As I said in the first post, use it to spotlight what nastiness they are defending and who will be harmed. The cast of anti-lgbt characters here are numerous. Good for us. Bad for them (if we push it to our advantage.)

 Fake news also hurts the lgbt community - The post I published this morning regarding how fake news (specifically that pushed by Fox News personality Todd Starnes) serves to harm the lgbt community has gotten popular. So let's give it more attention.  

Trump’s Antigay Cabinet and LGBTQ Rights - If you don't know, now you know. And you better get educated even more.

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