Wednesday, December 07, 2016

'MN business hopes to discriminate against gay couples' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Editor's note - When I began this blog a little over 10 years ago, it was a labor of love which I didn't expect to make money from. On that score, it has been very successful. I felt that the lgbt community wasn't getting proper education or guidance when it came to anti-lgbt propaganda. I am proud of how successful my efforts have been in THAT particular regard. 

However, things have changed. 

The proliferation of fake news sites make it very difficult for me to maintain my credibility.  Not impossible, but difficult. And then there are some in the insular world of lgbt news who have gone out of their way to make sure that I know they don't regard me as an equal in spite of my two GLAAD Media Award nominations, over four million readers, and mentions in Newsweek, The Advocate, etc. To make a long story short, I have been contemplating shutting this blog down.

But I won't for two reasons. 1. I'm a stubborn person and when I start something I feel is very important, I don't like to finish it until I feel the job is done. 2. With the Trump administration coming in next year, the lgbt community will need as many folks as possible who can uphold our rights, stand for our equality, and basically battle those who oppose us while utilizing innovation and unrelenting forcefulness. Therefore, instead of quitting, I will work even harder to gain more credibility ,make sure everything I post on this blog is accurate without fault, and continue to call anti-lgbt groups to the carpet for their homophobia, junk science, and outright lies.

 You have stuck with me these 10 years. I hope you will continue to do so.

Minnesota Business Owners Sue For Right To Discriminate Against Gay Couples - Here we go again. And it's about filming same-sex marriages. Unfortunately, while there is a good reason for folks to stand on the side of this business, what they fail to realize and acknowledge is that allowing businesses  to discriminate against marriage equality is a gateway to allow them to discriminate against lgbts period. First it's marriage. What else is next? Apartment complexes? Restaurants? We have not done a good job to explain this. 

 Minnesota’s nondiscrimination protections are the latest target for anti-LGBT law firm - More detail on this situation. 

Trump's religious dealmaking pays dividends - And we had better start quickly as possible based on THIS particular article. Trump is maintaining a very close relationship with the religious right.  

Linda Harvey Calls On HHS Nominee Tom Price To Crack Down On Homosexuality - Harvey is irrelevant. She has no idea what she is talking about (as usual). It is what Price will attempt should he become HHS secretary. Any anti-lgbt move he makes will be met by us. And we won't be smiling with crumpets and tea.


Anonymous said...

I read your stuff and have never commented before. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks for staying!

John Powell said...

I was getting concerned by the end of paragraph 3. Thank you for your stubborn nature. I found you about five years ago and since then you have been, to me, a light on the world I had not long before discovered that I was a part of. I will stand by you for for my remaining days.

As for your other news headings, it seems the two Camps are now those that would deny us equality by Cherry Picking religion and history, and those that would deny we even exist by refusing to see the world around them.

There will always be those that disagree. I had hopes of seeing the end of this in my lifetime, however, the final aria in this opera is, unfortunately, yet to be heard.

Erica Cook said...

When I was asked why I sight you as a source for information I said, you sight your sources. You verify your information, you make it easy to fact check your work. I can see where your material comes from, and that makes it trust worth. When a friend was saying we should give Trump a chance I sighted your report on Pence, and she said was biased, I told her I am in Indiana and it is not only not biased, it is actually only a small scale of what he has done. I know because I live in the state. I can verify it's accuracy by my own life experiences.

Frank said...

I read your column and I am appreciative of your accuracy in reporting and citing sources. You are doing important work for the LGBT community. Thanks.

Daniel Moreau said...

thank you thank you thank have been a light in the darkness...and lucky for us you continue to shine...

Scott S said...

For what its worth, I think many of your followers trust you more than other sources, so you should take solace in that fact. You have a great track record of fact-checking, which many do not before sharing on social media. When I told my sister-in-law that I did not think she should consider Breitbart a reputable news source because it lacks much of a news-gathering organization and was not a member of any global wire service (AP, UPI, Reuters, France24, and some others), rather it was little more than a blog that spun real stories to fit a particular mindset, I think she was a little surprised. The reality is that while Andrew Breitbart was a true libertarian in every sense (for example, he felt the government had no right to deny two women or two men from marrying one another), those who took over after he died turned the site into something much different from its origins. That said, I do have some news sources I consider credible and others I won't consider. You're on the credible list!!