Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Let's be clear. What's happening in North Carolina and Mississippi is not about nor has it ever been about "religious liberty."

It's about payback from a group of folks whose lies against marriage equality caused them to lose in that regard in a deliciously public manner.  So now they want payback and in a desperate attempt to get that payback, they are throwing it all at the wall expecting something to stick.

It won't work. The battle may be long and viciously fought. Or it may be short and satisfyingly complete.

But the lgbt community and our allies will win. Contrary to popular opinion, it is US, not just Beyonce, who carries hot sauce in the purse.

In the meantime, help me make this viral. Never let folks forget, no matter how much they want to:

'As NC loses PayPal, Mississippi pushes for its turn' & other Tue midday news briefs

History is a nasty repeater of itself.

PayPal abandons plans to open facility in Charlotte because of LGBT law - NC continues to suffer for its embracing of a terrible anti-lgbt law which is slowly being discovered to be a serious degree of subterfuge.

Here’s a Massive Round-Up of Updates on the Pounding North Carolina is Taking Over the Anti-LGBT Bill - Let's itemize that suffering, shall we?

Mississippi Governor Signs Law Permitting LGBT Discrimination - Apparently Mississippi is so jealous that it wants a piece of the suffering. What's more, the state isn't even trying to use a "bathroom predator" excuse. THIS law is so nasty in its blatant desire to discriminate, I wouldn't be surprised if a conservative judge would come off the bench and jack slap lawyers defending it. 

Anti-Gay Activists To Rally In Defense Of North Carolina's New Anti-LGBT Law - April 11 is going to be a very busy day in NC. The liars are under the false impression that they are fooling the majority of people. Then again, that's not true. They know their lies aren't working, hence this upcoming rally.