Tuesday, January 31, 2017

'GLAAD Media Award nominees showcase the richness, diversity of our community' & other Tue. midday news briefs

GLAAD Media Award Nominees Revealed - While we are embroiled with an earth-shaking battle for equality and self-determination with the "Orange stain" in the White House, let's not forget the richness and diversity of our community. We should never stop loving ourselves and celebrating who we are. Besides, this is THIS BLOG'S THIRD NOMINATION FOR OUTSTANDING BLOG!!!!!!!!! "Booty dance! Booty dance!" I am currently looking for a copy of that red feathered outfit which the late Zsa Zsa Gabor wore when she made a cameo in "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3." It will look good on me as I watch the show on twitter with my fingers crossed. For more details, see GLAAD's webpage.

Boy Scouts welcome transgender boys, prompting conservatives to flee - This is just silly. Why are they scared of transgender children? Why do they get scared of transgender men and women in the first place?

Trump to preserve Obama order barring anti-LGBT discrimination - I got my arms crossed with my best "mmmm hmmm" face. And I suggest that the rest of the lgbt community should also. We have to neither like nor trust Trump. Just let him know that if he steps the wrong way . . .

Don’t Fall For Donald Trump’s Latest Ploy. He Is No LGBTQ Hero. - Like I was saying . . .

Senate Must Stand Firm Against Anti-Equality Supreme Court Candidates - And let's not forget the really HUGE fight. I'm saving my good tennis shoes for this one.


Damien said...

MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for you my friend!

Congratulations. Very well deserved.

Erica Cook said...

Why are conservatives scared of transgender people? Same reason their scared of Mexicans, and Muslims. Their cowards.