Thursday, January 05, 2017

'Obama leaves a huge legacy on LGBTQ equality' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Editor's note - My apologies for this possibly being the only post today. You know how those family "issues" can be . . .

Obama Leaves A Monumental Legacy On LGBTQ Rights - This is true. For all of the griping thrown at him, Obama's Administration did right by us. Now that he is leaving, it is up to us to maintain that legacy. I would sincerely hope we spend more time doing this than griping about what we couldn't get done under Obama.

McAuliffe signs anti-LGBT discrimination executive order - Awesome!  

From the Pulpit to the People: Kim Burrell, Homosexuality and the Black Church - A thought-provoking commentary on the Kim Burrell controversy.  

Texas 'bathroom' bill renews fight over transgender rights - Meanwhile, the Texas Lt. Gov. is attempting to build a political future on the backs of the transgender community by introducing a bill which makes North Carolina's HB2 look like a Sunday social.

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Frank said...

"... “they” are still trying to define “us,” tell us who they think we are, tell us that we are objectively disordered or
immoral or sinful or worse. Who are “they” and who do they think they are? ... Why do “they” think they know more about our sexuality, or us, than we do? More to the point, why do they care? Certainly “they” outnumber “us” and we’ve always been an easy target.
Does their inability to save our souls or change us, or to limit our freedom somehow make them inadequate or fearful? What is in it for “them” that they so persist? It amazes and frustrates me that our stories—the actual lived experience of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender individuals—are so summarily ignored, discounted, and dismissed. It baffles me that many vocal and influential individuals persist in holding to and disseminating absurd, erroneous, and irrelevant opinions about us.
“They” can only make their own positions tenable by repeating questionable scriptures, fabricated “studies,” pseudo-science,
and outright lies—and repeating them over and over as they wholly disregard us and our voices.
This is unacceptable and can no longer be tolerated." --From the Afterword to "Did You Ever See A Horse Go By? A Coming Out Memoir by Frank DeFrancesco