Wednesday, February 15, 2017

'Anti-lgbt right blaming Obama & media for Flynn resignation' & other Wed. midday news briefs

I think that it's safe to assume that there is a small but satisfying degree of panic within the religious right that their "meal ticket to power," Donald Trump is in trouble.

The anti-lgbt hate group, the American Family Association is pointing the finger of blame at a supposed "evil conspiracy" for the recent resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Flynn was forced to resign after it was discovered that he was illegally communicating with Russia before Trump took office and lying about it.

But the American Family Association thinks the following:

And then there is this lovely gem in AFA's  phony news site, One News Now - A man named Flynn and a media feeding frenzy

It reads as such:

The media's gleeful reaction to Flynn's resignation has set off a firestorm of criticism from media watchdogs such as MRC and others who see a behind-the-scenes effort from Obama loyalists to damage the Trump administration. "The political assassination of Michael Flynn," a story written by Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake this week, describes an enemy of the Left who was targeted for retaliation – with other Trump loyalists targeted for the next round of attacks.

Lastly, there is this lovely statement courtesy of Bryan Fischer:

In other news:

What I Learned From ‘Gender Revolution’ - Katie Couric learns something we all need to learn.

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins doesn't think anti-lgbt persecution is a 'real human rights crisis' - My post from last night reminding folks that while the Family Research Council create phony cases of anti-Christian persecution, the organization doesn't think that persecution against the lgbt community, no matter where in the world, is a "real human rights crisis."

Gov. Cooper unveils HB2 repeal plan to lackluster LGBT reaction - Sorry, Gov. Cooper, but this "compromise" isn't going to cut it.

‘Donald Trump’s Think Tank’ admits ‘religious freedom’ means anti-LGBT discrimination - Because anti-lgbt organizations like The Heritage Foundation won't compromise  so why should we?

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