Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Newly crowned anti-lgbt hate group peddles deceptive video on 'religious freedom'

According to Media Matters, the Southern Poverty Law Center named the Alliance Defending Freedom as an official anti-lgbt hate group. Media Matters breaks down 10 facts you should know about ADF.

They are listed below and should you want further information, go this very thorough link:

1. SPLC Labeled ADF A Hate Group Because Of Its Extreme, Demonizing Lies About LGBT People.

 2. ADF Boasts A $48 Million-Plus Annual Budget And Over 3,000 “Allied Attorneys.” - Editor's note: Let met just break in here because I want to address those folks who constantly claim that if we ignore anti-lgbt groups and their actions, they will go away. When an organization has a budget of over $48 million and over 3,000 attorneys dedicated to eradicating your equality, it is not going ANYWHERE.

 3. ADF Defended The Constitutionality Of Criminalizing Gay Sex In The U.S.

4. ADF Has Expanded Its Anti-Choice, Anti-LGBTQ Extemism Internationally.

 5. ADF Is Behind The National Push For Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Laws. 

 6. ADF Is Leading The National Campaign For “Bathroom Bills” Targeting Transgender Youth.

 7. An ADF Attorney Once Called Matthew Shepard’s Murder A Hate Crime Hoax.

 8. ADF Believes In A “Homosexual Agenda” Dedicated To Destroying Christianity. 

9. ADF Has Long Opposed Anti-Bullying Efforts In Schools And Even Launched The “Day Of Truth” To Combat The “Day Of Silence.”

 10. ADF Wields Significant Power In The U.S. Legal System.

But if you want a general idea of how deceptive ADF is, check out the following video the organization posted asking Trump to "defend" the practice of "religious freedom," i.e. allowing people and businesses to discriminate against lgbts and in some cases, still be able to receive tax dollars. The video is 47 seconds and is very straightforward, so straightforward in fact that you may miss how it is deceiving you:

 The summary of the video says the following:

Grace Youth and Family Foundation, one of thousands of faith based organizations that contribute a trillion dollars in services each year while serving their communities. They face giving up the very faith that drives them to serve or stop serving those who need it most

Have you guessed how this video is deceptive?

How about if I ask a simple question: how is this charity being forced to trade its faith for tax dollars? Or better yet, is this charity actually being forced to make a decision between its faith and tax dollars?

The video doesn't explain this and I'd wager that it is because this charity is in no such danger.

It's all about images.

You see, when organizations like the ADF push the idea of  "religious freedom," the image they seek to peddle are  that of noble charities and so-called moral individuals forced by the government to  abandon their personal beliefs for the money. They want to push images of upstanding Christians being forced to submit to the wishes of a so-called godless horde, be it bureaucratic or lgbt-oriented.

Organizations like the ADF don't want you to think about the lgbt families with their children or the lgbt youth who would be hurt by allowing people and businesses to discriminate against them.. They don't want you to think about the gay or lesbian couple who won't be able to get married because the clerk refuses to do his or her job while freely taking their tax dollars.

They don't want you to think of the possibility of the gay couple who could be denied fair treatment at hospitals if either of them or (shudder) any of their children are hurt because the registered nurse or the physician can pull the "religious freedom" card.

They don't want you to think about the significant ways lgbts lives could be disturbed by these "religious freedom" laws which would allow people to disrespect or devalue us while, in some cases, still taking our tax monies

This truth is what ADF and other like-minded organizations don't want you to know about. And the fact alone that they work so hard to hide this truth makes them worthy of being called  hate groups


Damien said...

This is moderately horrifying.

Frank said...

Thank you for posting this and the many other important articles we need to know about. I will pass this on to others.

John Powell said...

If essential services such as housing and particularly health care can be denied, isn't that permission to kill? Whether from denial of essentials or from a bullet, dead is dead.