Tuesday, March 14, 2017

'Gay GOP leader says community should 'compromise with Trump & anti-lgbtq GOP forces' & other Tue midday news briefs

Guys, we are NOT compromising with Trump and anti-lgbt GOPers.

Gay GOP Group Leader: We Should ‘Compromise’ With Donald Trump And Anti-LGBTQ Republicans - Log Cabin Republicans? Of course. It ain't gonna happen, boys. So don't put the onus on us. We didn't start this mess but the lgbt community, with or without you, shall finish it. No compromises, no "working it out," no "settling down and joining the forces"  with those who exist to deny us our God-given equality. 

‘This is what hate looks like’: D.C. transgender shelter vandalized - One of the MANY reasons why we will not compromise. 

 Spicer denounces anti-LGBT violence — sort of - Thanks for the "sour persimmons," Sean.  

New Mexico May Become Seventh State To Ban LGBT Conversion Therapy - Sweet!

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