Thursday, March 30, 2017

'HB2 'repeal' bill not genuine repeal' & other Thur midday news briefs

North Carolina Senate Approves Bill To Repeal HB2, Despite Objections From LGBTQ Groups - There are objections because it is actually no deal. It's not worth the paper it would be written on. Hold firm for full repeal. No deal. 

North Carolina attempts bait-and-switch with NCAA, pushes new anti-LGBT bill - Zack Ford of Think Progress nails it.  

It’s a first: Johns Hopkins loses points with HRC for anti-LGBTQ stance - Meanwhile, doing what needs to be done to stop the flow of anti-lgbq junk science.  

Wolves in the hen house: Look who Texas recruited to promote its bathroom bill - The trillionth and one reason why it is NEVER a good idea to ignore anti-lgbtq groups. They can sneak alliances with your state legislators. 

 Numerous Anti-LGBT Adoption Laws Are Popping Up Across The Country - Tell me how this isn't about hate. I double dog dare you!

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