Friday, April 28, 2017

Anti-lgbt activist melts down during word salad about gays, domination, sodomy, and children

I promise that this will probably be the wildest thing you have seen today.

Behind every coordinated anti-lgbt group and personality is a mindset like the woman on this video.

I think it goes without saying that everything this woman said is false. A lie. A delusion. A product of bad weed.

 But here is a little background courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Earlier this month, the Texas chapter of the anti-LGBTQ hate group MassResistance hosted a “pro-family conference” featuring a variety of anti-LGBTQ activists like Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, Brian Camenker of MassResistance, and Robert Oscar Lopez, who runs the Texas chapter of Camenker’s group. 
Sharon Arkme, who claimed that she was a victim of anti-Christian persecution when she was denied certification in a master’s program she had enrolled in at Texas State University “because I would not agree with their LGBT agenda,” told attendees that LGBTQ advocates are warring against “Christ and Christians” and “brainwashing our children.” 
 “I did not realize the full agenda of the radical left,” Armke told the audience. “They are in a war with Christ and Christians, whether we realize it or not. They are not content with society and Christians treating them with outreach, courtesy and respect that should be given to any other human being just because they are human. They want us to approve their behavior. They will not stop until they dominate.” 
 “They intend, and they are very successful so far, in brainwashing our children to believe that sodomy is right and good,” she continued. “We are trying to show parents what is happening to our children and, excuse me if I say this, we should be screaming bloody murder in the streets. We should be screaming bloody murder in the street. This is not right! … Those teachers that do this, that teach sodomy to little children, many people call them child abusers and I agree.” 
 “I learned the hard way the true agenda of the radical left, it’s domination of our children and our culture,” Armke fumed, eventually growing so upset that she couldn’t even finish her remarks, simply declaring “may God have mercy on us” as she walked off the stage.

I couldn't find anymore information on this Armke except for on the Mass Resistance webpage which claimed her stance kept her from becoming a principal.

Sounds like we dodged a nuclear missile with THAT one.


Mike Hoppe said...

Dayum, these christians are such idiots. So filled with willful ignorance, hatred, and lies.

Vincent John said...

Good Lord! Get a clue woman. This is why atheism is rapidly increasing.
#SMDH #FalseProphet #Ridiculous

John Powell said...

I could say, "Here we go again", except this is only the next round of the old arguments. The children. The Bible. Forced approval. Domination. And let us not leave out the ever popular Ick Factor.

Okay. One at a time:

The children - Inform children, in a controlled environment, without judgement, what they would otherwise learn in the street. One way or another, parents will fill in any seeming blank spots. Ultimately it will be the children, as they grow, who will decide for themselves.

The Bible - Once again, class. As I recall, there are six admonishments that could be read as against homosexuality. There are hundreds against certain, specific, straight behaviors.

Forced approval - No one said everyone has to approve. Just an acknowledgment that there is a type of love that is not universally understood exists.

Domination - What does the Christian Right want for the World? For further reflection, refer to previous note.

The Ick Factor (sodomy) - If there are two adults behind a closed door, KEEP OUT. That door is closed for the same reason as any other consenting adult couple. Besides, sex is not the only reason for wanting privacy. Why else are doors and curtains such universal home fixtures?

And finally - I wonder how long and hard this woman practiced to get her voice and timing right for leaving the stage in such grand fashion.

James Taylor said...

Teaching sodomy to children?? Really??

Katvilani said...

I tried to make sense of Sharon Armkes word salad and I think I may have injured my brain.