Friday, April 28, 2017

'Bill pushing for a nationwide ban on 'ex-gay' therapy' & other Fri. midday news briefs

‘LGBTQ people were born perfect’: A new bill would ban conversion therapy nationwide - Probably has no chance of passing, but the vision of figurative exploding right-wing heads is so darn lovely. 

Fox Contributor: Gay Men In Bars Should Expect To Be Assaulted And Women Shouldn’t Breastfeed In Church - I'm not sure about the breastfeeding thing but saying gay men should expect to be assaulted if they make people "feel uncomfortable" is disgustingly intriguing. Does that mean I can slap this Fox contributor because the thought of him reproducing makes ME feel uncomfortable?

 Study confirms some men use anti-gay and sexist jokes to shore up their masculinity - Fascinating how this news brief is related to the one before it. 

 19 senators urge Trump’s HHS to restore LGBT questions to elder surveys - Damn right!

Harvard Transgender Rights Pamphlet Prompts Conservative Backlash Online - While not complaining about snowflakes, transphobic folk are acting like snowflakes.

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