Wednesday, May 31, 2017

'VP Pence to speak at conference hosted by pastor who called gay equality 'demonic' ' & other Wed midday news briefs

Mike Pence To Speak At Conference Hosted By Radical Pastor John Hagee - VP Mike Pence will be speaking at a conference hosted by John Hagee, a guy who once said "that God sent Adolf Hitler to the world in order to be a “hunter” of Jews, advancing a divinely inspired plan to push Jews back to the land of Israel."  And of course Hagee is also homophobic. 

Cases in point:

AND my favorite:

Okay the following is also my favorite. Just go on youtube and google "John Hagee" and "homosexuality." It's a like a smorgasbord of homophobia:

Pence will practically LOVE it there at his conference.

 In other news: 

 Appeals court smacks down Wisconsin school’s anti-transgender discrimination - THIS happened yesterday. Sweet!!! 

 Russian retail chain puts up anti-gay ‘no entry for f*ggots’ sign - In Russia, of course. Ugh! 

18 Types Of People That Make Queer People Say "Oh Boy" - Probably controversial? Yes. Hilarious? HELL yes!

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