Thursday, August 03, 2017

'White House, Pentagon discussing transgender ban' & other Thur midday news briefs

Pentagon, White House Discussing Transgender Ban - Trump may make his base happy should he follow through with this mess, but his base won't save his monstrosity of his political career. I promise you that.
One Million Moms Vs Disney Junior Channel - The fact that One Million Moms generally fail when it raises the alarm about shows and such would be more hilarious if we don't take into account that the group is always trying to shut down any visibility of same-sex families.

TeeTee Dangerfield Is 16th Known Trans Woman Killed In U.S. This Year - Why joking about murdering transgender women is NO joke.

Gay journalist who helped uncover Chechnya purge faces deportation - Come to America and gives us more details about what you know.
Family Research Council thinks lying about transgender troops is a Christian value - My post from yesterday. The Family Research Council lies about the LGBTQ community because very few raise a big fuss about it.

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