Monday, June 18, 2007

Brian Camenker knows the answer!

By now, everyone has heard of the recent decision by the Massachusetts Legislature not to put the issue of same sex marriage up to a vote for a constitutional amendment.

It was a great victory and one that has the anti-gay industry reeling.

But one member is sure he knows why lgbts won.

Brian Camenker is a very interesting person to say the least. He is the head of Mass Resistance, an organization dedicated to stopping the so-called "gay agenda" in Massachusetts.

I like to think of him as a statewide Peter LaBarbera. Camenker has a very sordid history in the state; one of his many endeavors involve taking pictures of pride parades and posting them on his web page, complete with interesting comments regarding the "sinfulness" of the person in the picture.

According to him:

VoteOnMarriage's campaign failed because the debate was boiled down to "letting the people vote" and ensuring "children have both a mother and a father." But it left out the important truth about homosexual "marriage": It's based on immoral and unhealthy sexual perversions. Morality and public health needed to be part of the debate.

That's right. According to Camenker, there should have been more talk about how nasty gay folks are, how we have short life spans, how we molest children at a high rate, how we practice blood sacrifices, etc. etc.

Paging Paul Cameron!

Apparently when the organization pushing for the vote appealed to what they thought was common sense, real common sense took hold and legislators realized that gay folks just want what everyone else wants: comfort, stability, and a right to protect our loved ones.

Ain't reality grand?
It's Monday so it's time for another one of Harry Jackson's lies

Yet again, black minister Harry Jackson writes another column falsely claiming that adding lgbts to hate crimes legislation will lead to ministers being jailed for speaking out against homosexuality.

But his column this week is also a little bit more whiny than usual.

It seems that USA Today published an article Friday about his claims regarding hate crimes legislation. And the publication actually dared to present both sides of the issue.

This led to a huge smackdown of Jackson's claim by Harry Knox from HRC's director of Religion and Faith Program:

(Harry) Jackson's argument "is a lie, and it should not be told in the name of the Gospel," he said.

Now I like that. No big production, no corny "let's win the hearts and minds of America," and no mincing of words.

And the words struck Jackson to the heart apparently, as witnessed by what he wrote.

But for a better deconstruction of Jackson's latest lies, go here.

But sad to say, Jackson is not alone.

On this site, I found this thing to my left. I won't even try to analyze it.

I will just say the eight commandment - Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.