Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mixed bag for hate crimes legislation, Oklahoma Baptists try to put one over on everyone, and other Tuesday news briefs

Senate voted to strike funding for F-22 - Double hot damn! The one thing that could cause hate crimes legislation problems is gone!

Senate adopts amendments to hate crimes measure - Then again, the poison pills seem to be in effect.

Anti-gay Clue: It's fellow conservatives' support of Mike Heath that's the real mystery - A gay man accidentally kills another and the wolves feast. Of course they don't want to do anything considered "un-Christian," such as encouraging prayer for the parties involved.

Baptists apologize to Okla. governor for error - This is funny. They talk about morality then falsely pushes the idea that the Governor signed it.

Gay night draws 2,100 to Nats' game - Funny. I remember when the religious right used to flip out over stuff like this.

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