Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Join the Support Kevin Jennings Facebook group

Just a simple message this morning.

If you support Kevin Jennings and want to help stop the attack against him, join the Support Kevin Jennings facebook group.

The reason for this page is simple: There is a serious problem regarding school bullying. This problem adversely affects the mental and physical well-being of all children, specifically lgbt children.

Jennings is more than qualified to handle this problem. However there are people who will do what they can to take him down. Be it for ratings or personal homophobia, Jennings has a huge target on his back.

And that's not right. Someone who is trying to help our children should be supported and commended, not made the victim of those who would bear false witness or sling nasty innuendo in the name of God.

If the lgbt community and our allies don't stand up for Jennings, then we are turning our back on one of our own.

Frankly, I'm not down with that.

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