Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mike Huckabee, Congressional leaders 'pal around' with hate group

Former Arkansas Governor and Fox talk show host Mike Huckabee with Mass Resistance's Brian Camenker at the recent right wing "Take Back America" conference . Mass Resistance, you will remember, is a hate group as officially designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It's important to remember that the Southern Poverty Law Center does not designate organizations as anti-gay group simply because they speak against homosexuality. According to the SPLC webpage:

Anti-gay groups are organizations that go beyond mere disagreement with homosexuality by subjecting gays and lesbians to campaigns of personal vilification.

In Brian Camenker and Mass Resistance's case, this would include:

Manufacturing a phony panic about "schools teaching children about homosexuality,"

Claiming in 2005 on Comedy Central's Daily Show that if given time, he would be able to connect gay marriage in Massachusetts to the "reduction" of the quality of life in the state, a spike in homelessness rates, or and a lowering the quality of the air in the state, or

Making a claim in 2006 that "gays were trying to get legislation passed to allow sex with animals" in Massachusetts.

But Mike Huckabee doesn't seem to have a problem with Mass Resistance. According to Camenker, Huckabee receives the group's emails.

And it would seem that neither does Congressional leaders Steve King, Michelle Bachman, Tom Price, Tom McClintock, Todd Aiken, or Trent Franks have a problem with schmoozing with an anti-gay hate group, as seen by the rest of the pictures on Mass Resistance's webpage.

But in Huckabee's case, it's a safe bet to say that if he gets anywhere near the White House, the lgbt community will be up "shit creek."

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