Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Who knew the American Family Association could moonwalk?

. . . By his own admission he failed his legal duty to report what he believed to be a case of statutory rape when a young student approached him for counsel after the boy had been preyed on by an older adult in a local bus station bathroom. Jennings' main piece of advice: "I hope you know how to use a condom." - An email via the American Family Association

It would seem that religious right groups are backtracking from the "Kevin Jennings counseled an underage youth into a relationship with an adult" lie.

But they offer no apologies for pushing the pedophilia claim.

An of course they are not giving up the figh against Jennings. Groups like the American Family Assocation are now relying on the time-honored smear of "radical homosexuals looking to indoctrinate and change" lie:

Kevin Jennings is an open homosexual who is now serving the Department of Education as President Obama's "Safe and Drug Free Schools" czar.

Jennings is the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which pushes so-called "anti-bullying" policies which even GLSEN admits are really about promoting "affirmation" of homosexual behavior in the school system.

To a lot of us, it's no surprise that religious right groups oppose Jennings becauses he is openly gay. It's a suprise however that they finally admit it.

But very the fact that they tried to obscure their true feelings says more about their lack of credibility or integrity.

And it's more reason why we must fight them at every turn.

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