Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some people don't know the difference between criticizing Obama and hoping for his destruction

Not necessarily an lgbt issue per se but still an important one.

I am so sick of people minimizing the nasty rhetoric against the President. The hateful rhetoric emanating from supposed mainstream venues such as television shows and radio talk shows, the nasty signs at those teabagging rallies, the constant comparison to President Obama and dictators of the past such as Hitler and Mao, the taking everything he does and making a huge issue out of it; all of it is going in an ugly direction.

And while this is happening, you have the other group playing that straw man argument - "waaah, I am being accused of being a racist because I am simply criticizing the President. Why can't you criticize the President without being thought of a racist"

It's nonsense. Maybe if they were as quick as to condemn the hateful rhetoric against the President as they are to making stupid jokes regarding him receiving a Nobel Peace Prize or whatever else, their comments would have more credibility.

To me, these folks playing the straw man argument are just as bad as those who would carry the ugly signs and make the ugly comments. They see the nastiness taking place and more often than not, they try to overlook it.

And that whining about "well they did it to Bush too" is ridiculous. I personally don't agree with anyone calling for or inferring for the death of a President.

But let me ask you this - just when did you ever see a commentator on a major news network compare Bush to Hitler or Stalin?

Whiny comments made about how Bush was treated intended to lessen the impact of ugly things said about Obama merely proves my point.

And it only proves my point about the abject absence of decency coming from some circles who attack Obama.

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Alex Bales said...

When Obama hires someone who says her hero is Chairman Mao, expect him to be compared to Chairman Mao.

Obama is the radical. Not the people pointing this out.

BlackTsunami said...

Why don't you get the entire story instead of being spoon fed it by folks like Glenn Beck:

Anita Dunn earned her infamy in a speech to students last June in which she referred to Mao Zedong and Mother Teresa as "two of my favorite political philosophers" and used that uncanny pairing to breathe life into an old commencement orator's chestnut: that each must find his "own path" through life. The combination of the brutal dictator and the saintly nun is one bit of evidence that Dunn was being ironic. The fact that Mother Teresa is no one’s idea of a "political philosopher" is another. (Curiously, Dunn has not been accused of anti-abortion fervor despite her embrace of the nun.)-

This is the very thing that bothers me. Some people will take a point that they may know is wrong and go all over the place with it rather recognize the ignorance of what they are doing. Obama is not the problem here. It's people who will fall for every ridiculous line because it enhances their world view.