Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mark Sanford, Al Franken, religious right comments are going to make my head explode

At this rate, I am never going to post that piece on the American College of Pediatricians.

It's written and ready to go but I keep postponing it because of better posts.

Last night, it was the religious right's newest attack on Kevin Jennings. This morning, it was Peter LaBarbera's venture onto youtube (which by the way has a new update. Peter has turned coward and made the video private.)

And now, it's a multitude of stuff. I'm having an information overload.

First on the list is my philandering Governor Mark Sanford.

Just when I thought he couldn't make things worse for himself, he has an interview with the Associated Press which he reveals:

- His Argentine mistress is his "soulmate" but he is going to try and reconcile with his wife. I can hear Jenny Sanford putting the grits on the stove. If she calls asking you to come home Mark, you had better stay where you are.

- He not only met his mistress more times than he claimed but he also "crossed the line" with a few other women. However, Sanford says, he did not have sex with them.

What the hell does that mean?

And above it all, he keeps apologizing. Sanford doesn't have to apologize to me. I didn't vote for him. But then again, visions of him "doing the nasty" have invaded my sleep several times. So maybe I do want an apology.

This situation is worse than the Trent Lott apology tour after his comments at the late Strom Thurmond's birthday.

I'm convinced that Sanford is going way beyond trying to come clean. Mark Sanford is engaging in excruciating slow political suicide. Really, the entire thing left soap opera territory a long time ago.

Now we are steadily moving towards the territory of the torture porn movies that seem to be so popular nowadays.

We are now witnessing the political version of the movie "Saw."

How bad will it get? How long will it be before we start hearing about whips and chains and candle wax on the nipples?

And the other issues that are driving me crazy?

Senator Al Franken. Who would have thought? What's next? Governor Eddie Murphy?

Lastly, I hear that a bunch of religious right groups have formed into a single mindhead called the Freedom Foundation.

The usual cast of lying characters are there. It works for me personally. I like big targets when it comes to exposing liars.

I don't know what's worse; this silly group or the constituency of values it claims to represent. Check out these lovely comments from so-called Christian folks reacting to One News Now's article about the White House reception on Gay Pride Month:

The President cannot be a true Christian!

Obama is so anti-Christian that it's scary! He is fastly ripping this country to shreds and taking the foundation on which our country was built with him. We Christians have got to band together and stand up for what is right and Biblically sound to save us from ourselves! Too many people have lent their faith to a FOOL instead of relying on God. I believe Obama thinks he is a messiah, when in fact he is the Anti-Christ! Amen!!

It appears that Obama's main direction for his Administration is to do the work of satan. Don't know if Obama is even aware of this. So many things that he pushes/stands for are against Biblical Principles, God's instructions for us.

I think Obama "has issues" with America and is intentionally out to destroy it.

Why can't you see what Obama wants to do to this great nation. We will no longer be a nation where everybody else wants to live but where we are all trying to get away from. God made us a great nation and if we turn our back on God then He will turn His back on us and Satan will have his way with the United States.

The New World Order, where perversion is normal, normal is perverse, good is evil and evil good. And tolerance is praised and worshiped above all.

Nobama is a liar, a thief, a murderer, a sexual deviant, and an antichristian! Anyone who supports the evils Nobama is doing is guilty of the same sins Nobama is guilty of doing. It is one thing for a Christian to battle and fight against sin, but it is a totally different thing for someone to CLAIM to be a Christian then teach others to embrace and support sin. Anyone who thinks that a Christian can embrace and support the sin of homosexuality, and still CLAIM to be a Christian is not a TRUE CHRISTIAN at all! Be not deceived, GOD IS NOT MOCKED! Anyone practicing or supporting homosexuality is mocking God and spitting in God's face!!!

Obama is an example of what's wrong with American values. They've all sold their souls to Satan, yet many of them profess to be "Christian"...but in name only. An authentic Biblical Christian will yield only to God's laws and directives and not to the voice of a mere man...especially a personally and spiritually conflicted man as Obama. He does have an anti-christ spirit...it is way too obvious.

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Tuesday midday news briefs

That didn't take long.

The comments and ratings for the Americans For Truth youtube video (talked about in this morning's post) have been disabled.

What's the matter, Peter? Did you expect to demonize lgbts without us registering some type of commentary on how you lie?

Also, the video has been viewed over 300 times and has received a rating of 1.

Good work folks!

On to newbriefs:

When do we think the AP will start caring about this? - Gasp! You mean One News Now likes to doctor Associated Press headlines? Why we must be on planet Earth.

Right Wing Hastens to Hold Up Gay Adoptive Dad, Alleged Pedophile, As Typical of All Gays - Paul Cameron is a sick sonofabitch. And this article proves it. My prayers go out to everyone in this situation, especially the child.

Labor Chief Deplores Defacing of Gay Pride Posters - Handle your business Mrs. Solis!!

POTUS to LGBT: "Welcome to Your White House" - Thank you for that, President Obama. Now how about backing up the speech.

Michigan: Kalamazoo approves inclusive anti-discrimination ordinance - Way to go Kalamazoo!

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Peter LaBarbera 'enters the youtube era'

Again that piece on the American College of Pediatricians is going to have to wait because the following is just too juicy not to comment on:

Somedays I hate technology.

Like this morning for example when I logged onto the Americans for Truth webpage (some people drink coffee to wake up, I like to laugh) and saw that Peter LaBarbera has posted footage from the 2009 Chicago Pride on youtube.

Interestingly enough, unlike LaBarbera's past photo footage of prides, the Chicago event seems relatively tame.

LaBarbera even has to manufacture some ridiculous claim that gays marching in the parade are anti-police via footage of a sign by some of those marching. Of course LaBarbera didn't think to question those holding the sign as to what it meant.

I guess he figured why take a chance on ruining a good innuendo.

LaBarbera's "entry" into youtube has both negative and positive repercussions.

The negative being we can expect to see more footage from other events posted on youtube complete with LaBarbera's "editorial comment" and innuendo.

The positive repercussions are that now we have another avenue to point out LaBarbera's blatant homophobia. And we also have the opportunity to tell him know what we think about his demonization of the lgbt community via ratings and comments just like we did with NOM's "Gathering Storm."

That is until we scare him so bad that he disables both.

I say let's start now. I've already given my rating and comment.

UPDATE - First Peter disables the comments and ratings. Now he has made the video "private," which means it is only viewable to those he chooses to show it to. But you can still watch the monstrosity on youtube.

I view this as a success. We made him pull a full retreat. And please bear in mind that no one tried to keep him from showing his video. But if he is man enough to demonize the lgbt community videowise then he should be man enough to put up the comments and ratings. (Editor's note - By saying this, I am not defending any ugly or threatening comments directed towards LaBarbera.)

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