Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Arrest ordered for Lisa Miller - it's about time

From Virginia AP News:

A Vermont judge has ordered the arrest of a woman who has refused to turn over her 7-year-old daughter to her former lesbian partner.

Family Court Judge William Cohen found Lisa Miller of Forest, Va., in contempt of court during a hearing Tuesday and issued the arrest warrant.

Miller was ordered to surrender custody of her daughter on Jan. 1 but failed to do so and has since disappeared. Their daughter is now considered a missing person.

I'm not featuring this post as a celebration but a prayer that this situation reaches a resolution.

Right is right and wrong is wrong and I'm sorry for those who do not share this opinion, but Miller has been wrong from the get-go. She agreed to raise little Isabella with Jenkins and then continued to play games in order to shirk the agreement. She continued to be in contempt of court orders and it is her fault she lost custody of little Isabella.

And now she is reduced to kidnapping. She needs to own up to her responsibilities like a real woman should.

What type of example is she setting for little Isabella?

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About damn time! *happy dance*