Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arkansas school board member wishes more gay teens would commit suicide or catch AIDS and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Arkansas School board member: gay students should 'get AIDS and die' - And that's not all he said. I didn't report on this personally because frankly I didn't want his words to soil my blog. This $@! needs to be dismissed and quickly. Forget any nonsense about political correctness. There is simply no excuse for this.

Video: These three people want to unseat learned legal scholars for following the constitution - Ignorance is contagious this year.

Go Rachel: MSNBC Host Tracks Down AK Tea Bagger Candidate Joe Miller And Asks About Marriage Equality - And his answers are confusing. Par for the course. See what happens when a black man is elected president. All the nuts fall from the trees.

"Real Christians" Say Bullying Is Bad, But Being Gay Is Even Worse - So according to these people - and you are going to love who is on this list - bullying is bad but giving lgbt students the tools they need to survive the bullying is worse. OKAY.

New Ralph Reed Ad Campaign Literally Declares "It's Us Vs Them" - Guess who is the "us" and who is the "them." And here I thought Reed had gotten into trouble for corruption. You can't keep a good lying hypocrite down.

Mississippi school to pay gay teen's legal bills - All together now . . . ha ha ha!

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