Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phony Christians shedding crocodile tears over the bullying of lgbt teens

Of all religious right responses to the recent suicides of gay teens and bullying against lgbt youth in general, the following has to take the proverbial cake:

Real Christians Say 'No' to Bullying and Homosexual Behavior

A coalition of pro-family leaders today urges Christian families to be faithful to biblical morality and discerning in the face of false and irresponsible accusations. Christianity and traditional values are not the cause of teen suicides, and attempts to link the two are deceptive and will ultimately harm children.

"Gay" activists nationwide are fueling an effort to indict traditional moral values as "guilty until proven innocent" in some bullying incidents involving teens. Their proposed solutions end up sexualizing teens at young ages into known high-risk behaviors and silencing concerned parents.

Now, the U.S. Department of Education seems to be joining the effort, setting the stage for implicating traditional morality as the cause of some cases of bullying, and using the force of federal government to force pro-homosexual, pro-"transgender" indoctrination programs onto local schools.

"Just say no" to these outrageous and unsubstantiated claims, said Buddy Smith, Executive Vice President, American Family Association ( "Bullying can be prevented without endorsing homosexual behavior. Activist adults essentially are saying that American parents who want their kids to avoid high risk homosexual sex acts and remain abstinent until traditional marriage, are harming kids. This is preposterous, and local parents and communities need to resist enforced political correctness."

Authentic Christians will remember several key concepts from Scripture:

1. Homosexual behavior is always a sin, God's plan for sexuality is male/female marriage, and God has not changed His mind about this (Genesis 19; Leviticus 18:22; Matthew 19:4-6; Romans 1:24-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

2. Jesus described marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and that humans were created male and female "from the beginning." Gender change is a defiant and ungrateful sin against God's direction and design (Matthew 19:4-6)

3. Violence against children is wrong. Jesus was very clear in his protection of children and also had harsh words for those who would forbid children from knowing His truth and love ( Luke 17:2; Luke 18: 15-16). "Gay" activists want to keep children from knowing, loving and following the real Jesus Christ. At the very least, schools must not interfere in the desires of parents to raise their own children to follow Christ and live out biblical morality.

4. School boards aid child corruption and insult faithful families when they allow "gay-straight alliances," homosexual indoctrination programs, permission for use of opposite sex restrooms, and any of the other ridiculous demands of the "gay" lobby.

So in other words, in spite  a CNN poll which says churches contribute to the problem of gay teen suicide, these folks who call themselves "real Christians" continue to play the "it's the rabid homosexual activists" card.

Personally, I'm astounded by the audacity of these folks because you see, I don't necessarily blame the church for this problem. And of course I don't blame the lgbt community.

The problem is staring us all in the face. It's these "real Christians" that are to blame. For years, they have bent over backwards to demonize the lgbt community, making us look like the other, and basically calling us evil. Their actions and comments create an atmosphere that make it difficult for not only lgbt teens but lgbts in general.

And now they have the temerity to push a statement blaming other for their actions.

You think I am wrong? Well let's look at some of these folks on this list:

1. Linda Harvey, president of Mission America - The former ad executive who "found Christ" and also publicly said gays and people who support us shouldn't be around children because, amongst other things, we will cause them to be sexually abused:

When people have views supporting homosexuality, they should not be involved with youth in any way, period. Here’s why:
• They will provide inaccurate, misleading information to kids;
• They may limit a student’s opportunity to hear warnings about the behavior;
• They may advocate or model inappropriate behavior;
• They may be directly involved in the molestation of kids themselves; or
• They may be in a position to allow others to do so. - Fairy Tales Don't Come True: Impressionable Kids and Homosexuality
2. Micah Clark, American Family Association of Indiana - who in 2002 bragged that during a hearing on domestic partnerships in Indianapolis, he not only cited the distorted data of Paul (gay men stuff gerbils of their rectums) Cameron, but sidestepped a councilmember who called him out for it:

“The author of the (domestic partner benefit) bill . . . tried to come at me for using a Paul Cameron study. I diverted that one pretty well by pointing out that I have spoken with Dr. Paul Cameron and her information was wrong. In any event, I said it was published in a well respected peer review journal and the research has not been disproved. I have been waiting for that one for years.” (Indianapolis Rejects Domestic Partner Benefits, Concerned Women for America, August 8, 2002)

3. Gary Glenn, President, American Family Association of Michigan - who this year said that we should "criminalize homosexual behavior."

4. J. Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs, Liberty Counsel - who not only defends countries which persecute lgbts, describes gay relationships as "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love", but also makes it a point to encourage people to focus more on the "ick factor" of gay sex.

5. Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel - who recently implied that children raised in gay households have a danger of catching HIV/AIDS.

6. Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth - who really needs no introduction.  When it comes to demonizing lgbts, LaBarbera has not only written the book but also the movie. These are just a few of his acts:

1. Smearing gays via a CDC report on an increase on HIV while intentionally downplaying the part of the report which clearly places the blame on this increase on homophobia (while at the same time implying that the report "dispels the homophobia causes AIDS propaganda")

  Defending a bill which would lead to the imprisonment and possible genocide of Ugandans simply for being gay or lesbian.

3. Going to subcultural leather events and using the "racy" behavior of gays attending to stigmatize the entire lgbt community while ignoring the behavior of heterosexuals at the same events.

. Making ugly comments about a "transgender quota" in the Obama Administration simply because the president appoints a (very, very qualified) transgendered woman to an office in his administration.

Instigating a  highly inappropriate comment about gays, lesbians, and sexual intercourse; a comment so ugly that it led to a feud between three religious right groups.

Continuously citing the work of the discredited researcher Paul Cameron, even when made aware of his dubious history of getting kicked out of medical groups, censures and rebukes.

Aiding and abetting Conservapedia spread lies about gay health using the fictional term "gay bowel syndrome."

Freely admitting to errors when it comes to claims against the gay and lesbian community but not taking responsibility for them.

Falsely accusing the Democratic National Convention and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force of putting on a sadomasochistic event.

Attempting to imply that a staph infection was the new HIV and then lying about his implications when caught.

When these people come out with this statement about bullying and everyone focuses on the church, we all miss the point. The church is not the problem, it is these folks who exploit the beliefs of the church who are the problem. And they need to be exposed.

Because quite frankly, their statements on the bullying of lgbt teens is the equivalent of a pyromaniac issuing a statement about fire prevention.

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Shelly said...

I say bull! Churches take your knocks and blame along with the duplicitous "researchers" who spread their venom! You're ALL responsible for LGBT bullying deaths due to your combined hate and rancor! Stop trying to shove it off on others. You show up to LGBT funerals with signs saying "god hates f#gs" and you claim you're not responsible for ppls suicides? Wrong. Own YOUR SINS!